The future of the mankind is depends on the advanced technologies, and their apparent relevance to businesses. This is only possible through high automation, through which we can actualize human-oriented philosophies and create a full, rich society.

Established as a joint venture with a Japanese enterprise in 1970, Korea Conveyor Industry Co., Ltd. has been supplying its products as the top manufacturer of chains and conveyors in Korea. Through constant technological research & development, the company has introduced advanced technologies such as: Coating; designing body lines and auxiliary facilities for the auto industry;
implementing advanced conveyor systems in the electric/electronic industries; designing physical distribution systems for daily news publishing companies, as well as paper and ironwork manufacturers; and establishing bulk systems in the cement, chemicals, foods and environment-relevant industries.

Korea Conveyor has also provided industry solutions all over the world by designing effective chains for conveyor, escalator, water treatment plants and parking facilities. The company was successful in obtaining the ISO 9001. Quality Assurance Operation Systems Certificate from LRQA (Lloyd) in England, signifying the first time the certificate was granted in Korea. The 1997 certificate recognized Korea Conveyor's accomplishments in the areas of design, manufacturing and service of industrial chains.

Based on the company's philosophy "Quality Administration, Technology-Oriented Administration and Realization of Human-Oriented Edge-Cut Technologies" Korea Conveyor is poised to be a worldwide leader, through competitive, advanced and relevant technologies for the industrial chain industry.

We at Korea Conveyor are eager to place ourselves in a strategic position for the future with the belief that our future is directly linked to those of our customers.

CEO Kwang Soon Kim