1) Automobile
  For the past 30 years, Korea Conveyor stored the largest amount of records in Korea for coating, design, body and press shops. Concurrently, the company is constantly involved in the development new technologies to better serve our clients.
  Coating shops: Unmanned curve conveyors (P & F), inverted converters, N-traverse conveyors and friction conveyors
  Design shops: Unmanned curve conveyors (P & F), slat conveyors, F/F chain conveyors, Kautran systems and shuttles
  Body shops: Kautran systems, lifters, and lightweight P & F conveyors
  Press shops: Scarp conveyors and inter-press belt conveyors
2) Machinery and Metal
  The company delivers optimal systems for automated factory production lines, including component assembly lines, sub-lines, intermediated conveying lines and automated warehouses. Roller conveyors, F/F chain conveyors, removers, lifters, belt conveyors, skid conveyors, slat conveyors, Kautran (high speed conveyor), lightweight P & F conveyors and Pak-U-Veyors
3) Electrics/Electronics
  The company offers relevant technological engineering for conveyor systems, as well as high efficiency and high precision systems ideal for lines of processing, assembly and conveyance.
4) New Products (medium- and small-sized automated warehouses)
  The company has addressed many of our clients' needs by developing medium- and small-sized automated warehouse systems. These systems offer efficient article storage within a limited amount of space, convenience, as well as simple article acceptance and issuance.
  Pak-U-Veyor System
  Power Column System