1) Newspaper Handling System
The company delivers highly reliable, automated and high-speed
FA systems, including winder conveyor systems and sorters.
Chain conveyors, slat conveyors
Turntable, Rotary machine, latitudinal conveyors
Tray elevators, tray conveyors, belt lifters
Moving pushers, moving stoppers
Side damper (auto hoist)
Truck loaders, chutes
Belt conveyors, coading conveyors
2) Paper Handling System
  The company is the leading Korean provider of operating systems that are integrated with appropriate PLC controlling functions, producing the most reliable conveyance system from the re-winders to the delivery packed products, or the feeding of roll papers in sheet cutter lines.
3) Sorting System
  Trends have switched from the high-speed sorting of mass articles into different destinations to smooth conveyance with minimal impact of articles. The integration of articles and information through computer applications have also become quite important in all sorting systems. Further, customers have demanded supplementary systems for the simultaneous processing of slips upon acceptance/issuance for system quality. Korea Conveyor builds top quality sorting systems by employing servo technologies for precise conveyance of articles to their destinations, no-mark classification applications via PC programs, versatile layouts, and overrides the actual characteristics of articles to the largest extent.
  Arrival part: Roller conveyors, belt conveyors, accumulation conveyors
  Injection part: Key input, bar code readers, voice recognition and laser scanners
  Sorting part: Tray tilting mode, slide shoe mode, diverter mode and dump mode
  Shipping part: Plate chutes, roller conveyors, spiral chutes and belt conveyors
4) Vanguard System
  High performance: Capable of handling both small, light articles and large, heavy documents in overhead mode or floor mode, respectively. Versatile speed adjustment. Smooth start and momentary stop.
  Adaptability: Flexible application in any environment or process, such as automated production lines, partially automated lines, etc.
  Highly intelligent system: Data management and monitoring operations
  Quite operations: Smooth and quiet operation, thereby providing a better working environment for company morale.