Top chain and sprocket
General roller chain
Super roller chain
Inner rotating roller chain
Curve chain, pin gear chain
and BS-standard chain
Sprocket for roller chain
  Strong px belt and pulley
Super px belt and pulley
Ultra-super px belt and pulley
Trapezoid-shape and tooth
-shape belt and pulley
Metran belt and lock pulley
Urethane joint belt
Sintered product
  Top chain and sprocket
Small attachment conveyor
Free flow chain
Conveyor chain &sprocket

  Gear Motor
Hypoid Motor
Troi drive
Bevel helical reducer
Miter gear boxes
Disco stepless transmission

  AC servo driver
Cushion starter

  Power cylinder
LINI power jockey

  TKC combo cableveyor
TKC plastic cableveyor
TK(H) oval-type cableveyor
TKF flex cableveyor
PMA flex cableveyor

  Roller chain coupling
Nylon chain coupling
Jaw flex coupling
Bellows coupling
Emer flex coupling
Neo flex coupling

  AS Series
EF Series
TF Series
ML Series
SL Series
KE Series
AE Series
EL Series

  Indexing driver
Cam clutch
SR clutch
Electronic clutch brake
Torque keeper
Mini keeper

  Torque guard
Axial guard
Shock Relay
Shock Monitor
Speed relay

  Leaf chain
Tough roller