Based on 25 years of experiences and technological development, Korea Conveyor has consistently manufactured top quality chains. Moreover, we continue to commit ourselves to providing relevant solutions for the various requirements of our customers through constant research & development.
Our major customers in Korea include automobile makers, ironworks, cement manufacturers, daily news publication companies and environment-relevant facility businesses.
The company currently exports its products to large companies in Japan including Nippon Steel, as well as companies in the Southeast Asian region.
Our chains for escalators and moving walks have been certified with the S mark, the safety certification mark of the Korea Industrial Safety Authority. The company also manufactures products compliant with CE mark, the safety certification of the European Union.
Korea Conveyor has expanded its organization into two divisions for diversification of sales of the products. As always, furthermore, the company continues to commit its efforts for satisfying requirements of our customers.

* RF conveyor chains
* Step chain/step axle chains for escalators
* Moving walk chains
* Bi-pitch chains
* NF type block chains
* Bucket flow chains for conveyance of powder materials
* TOP chain
* Roller chains (RO chains) for heavy loads
* Step (escalator) chains and moving walk chains
* Small conveyor chains (bi-pitch chains, sprockets, auxiliary chains, side roller chains, TOP roller chains, hollow pin chains, and other special chains
* RF type conveyor chains
normal, reinforced, stainless steel chains and those for special applications, and standard sprockets
* Dedicated chains
B-type elevator chains, ER type chains, RF type flow chains, NFX type flow chains, EO EF
type flow chains, large auxiliary chains, N type block chains, RF type side roller chains, RFD type deeply link chains, sugar mill ER type chains, waster water treatment station chains, waste disposal chains, WR type chains(replacement of injection mold chains), and other special chains