1) Environment-Relevant Businesses
  Korea Conveyor has supplied a number of systems to incineration plants and waste disposal plants.
For example, the company has supplied solutions to an incineration plants for handling systems of floor materials and incombustible materials, non-ash processing facilities and solidification systems.
The company has also been significantly recognized for its integrated conveyors that process special materials such as ash and sand in complex horizontal - vertical - horizontal paths. Furthermore, the company has been supplying viable solutions to waste disposal plants.
The company succeeded in developing systems for the conveyance of large objects in a vertical direction, or the complex horizontal + vertical + horizontal path.
  "Z" type Flightveyor, buckle elevators, solidification systems
  Vibrating screens, flow conveyors, table feeders and ash extractors
2) Cement
  The company has been consistently recognized as a world-class solutions provider for major cement makers.
Our products include high-speed bucket elevators of large capacity(1200tons/hour), toleration of high elevation(60 meters), heat resistance and abrasion resistance.
  Pan conveyors, high-speed bucket elevators, flow conveyors, pipe conveyors
  Flightveyors, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, rotary valves
3) Iron and Steel
  The company offers a utility model that provides conveyance of materials of high abrasion and adherence, such as iron ores, sand, quartz sands and airborne particles. Our systems convey these sensitive materials through complex horizontal + vertical + horizontal directional paths.
  Aprovator, Flightveyor, flow conveyors, bucket elevators, pipe conveyors
  Vibrating feeders, rotary valves, Scraper conveyors
4) Paper Mill
  The company developed Z-type conveyors and hinged steel belt conveyors for vertical movement of sludge and paper sheets.
We believe the Z-type conveyors contributed significantly to the Korean economy, by promoting sales in Korea and the Southeast Asian region.
  * Hinge apron conveyors, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators
5) Foods and Feeds
  The company supplies lightweight systems for small mass conveyance, as well as fast feeding conveyors for mass delivery.
The company also exports bucket elevators capable of enduring high elevation.
Finally, configure layout becomes a simple process thorough applying Z-type conveyors.
  * "Z" Type Flightveyor, bucket elevator, UNI-PIVO conveyor
6) Petrochemicals
  The company produces special applications conveyors for materials made of hard requirements that promote resistance to corrosion, abrasion, high temperature, explosion and air-tightness.
  * "Z" Type Flightveyor, bucket elevators
Kinds of Conveyor
* Bucket Elevator (Maximum Capacity - 1200T/H)
* Flow Conveyor (Maximum Capacity - 650T/H)
* Apron(PAN) conveyor & Feeder (Maximum Capacity - 600T/H)
* (Pipe) Belt Conveyor Ebs Conveyor
* New Aprovator (Maximum Capacity - 300T/H)
* New Flightveyor
* Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor
* Bucket Flightveyor
* Skip Elevator
* Uni-Pivo Conveyor
* Vibrating Conveyor
* Mixing & Molding Machine
* Two Way Gate
* Air Slider (Maximum Capacity - 1000T/H)
* Rotary Valve
* Circle Feeder
* One Touch Door